Theological Training

Training Pastors, Missionaries, & Church Planters

Koinonos has formed a strategic partnership with Bible Training Center for Pastors in order to better prepare and equip Dominican workers for the ministry.  Many of our seasoned pastors received formal theological training at the Seminario Biblico del Caribe before it closed over 20 years ago.  Since its closing, options for solid theological training have been limited.

Many of the new leaders and pastors have received informal training and mentorship, but lack formal theological training.  In order to better equip Dominican pastors, missionaries, & church planters we have been seeking a practical, comprehensive program with materials in Spanish.  BTCP provides the structure and materials to effectively achieve this goal.

BTCP is based on a life-on-life training model, in which seasoned pastors, who possess formal theological training, teach others through the ministry of the local church.

We are in the process of identifying and training seasoned pastors to teach in our new BTCP training center in Santiago and hope to begin classes in early 2021. 

Our desire and prayer are to have at least one pastor training center in each major city in the Dominican Republic.