Partnering with the Dominican church in fulfilling the Great Commission!

Decades of faithful service by North American missionaries have produced a thriving and growing Dominican church.  We believe it is time to "pass the baton."  The Dominican church is ready and willing to make the transition from a missionary receiving to missionary sending church.  Koinonos works with the Dominican Church leaders in developing strategies, providing resources, and equiping Dominican believers to fulfill the Great Commission!

Koinonos is a ministry of Tipton Baptist Church, is governed by a board of Baptist pastors & church leaders, and its financial accountability and donor services are provided by Central Missionary Clearinghouse.

Tipton Baptist Church

P.O. Box 303

Tipton, PA 16684


Central Missionary Clearinghouse


P.O. Box 219228

Houston, Texas 77218-9228

1-800-CMC-PRAY (1-800-262-7729)

Office: 281-599-7411

Fax: 281-599-7511

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Koinonos Field Address

Dan Woodring STI #30373

c/o Agape Flights STI

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